3. Most of the time it’s easy to remedy these problems, which is what we’re here to show you how to do. It's hard for the average person to figure out whether that's a problem with the iOS or an app you've installed, so the best bet is to restore your iPhone from backup. Believe it or not, the date set on your device can affect whether Find My iPhone works properly. There is nothing beyond that. App developers are working on all possible solutions to fix the problem in their apps. For instance, linking iPhone to Mac is a child’s job, but when it comes to other platforms such as Windows, Apple devices start throwing tantrums. Sometimes it also happens that you may connect a Bluetooth device or put your iPhone in DND mode and forget. We will find out. You do not get as many powers as available for Android phones. Let’s see how to connect Microsoft’s Your Phone app on Windows to iPhone. Try to call again later, or from a different location. Many times, apps stop working because they need to be updated. A dirty screen can prevent you from entering certain letters on your iPhone … 2. After the resetting, open the camera app and see if it works okay now. If a hard reset and AssistiveTouch haven't solved it, your problem probably has to do with the software on your phone, not the hardware. So what to do? You can use the physical buttons on your iPhone to switch it off and then back on. Then check for app updates. But in case you are facing trouble with the Phone app or are actually in a different state/country, you should enable the roaming toggle. That is, you cannot share pages from other browsers or apps. Are you looking for a note-taking app that works on both Android and #iOS? Swipe left to check all the screens. Tap on Continue later to send it as a notification. Apple makes it effortless to update your device. Tap the “X” and then hit Delete. How to Fix Bluetooth Issues in iOS 14 on Your iPhone In rare situations, if you have not restarted your iPhone for long, you may have trouble using several iPhone settings and apps (including this one). You can do the same from the Settings app → General → Shut Down. 1. Pick up the first option and proceed with iPhone tuning. When the App Store is not working on your iPhone, the next step is to restore your iPhone. 3. Thus make sure you have turned these off. Use the same account that is connected to your Windows computer. Check 5 chat apps that work across all platforms without disclosing phone number. 4. Ted 2.0 . 3. Last updated on 6 Dec, 2019 (In future updates, Microsoft is … Above describes the problem. While this works fine in most scenarios, it can end up muffling your voice if you are talking to someone while lying on the bed. Just access your Settings app and from there tap on the Airplane Mode to turn it ON and then tap back again to turn it OFF. Even though this method limits the functionality to Edge browser, it gives an additional feature. Force restart iPhone: To achieve this, long press the Sleep/Wake and Home button simultaneously until the Apple logo appears. After that, please put it in the SIM tray and safely insert it back. on iPhone. I have been an Apple user for over seven years now. An instructional screen will greet you. Also, you don’t need to do anything on the Windows side in either case except installing the Your Phone app if it's not available. When you don't have much storage left on your iPhone, your iPhone Apps will run slow. When I launch the activity app on my iPhone 11pro max it does not work. I've moved on to be self-employed and no longer have access to this phone. Step 3: Open a web page and tap on the continue on PC icon present at the bottom of the Edge browser. Microsoft Your Phone app isn’t iMessage for Windows. There are over a billion people out there using the Facebook Messenger app on their iPhone each month. Let's have a look! To start using the app on your iPhone, first set up Activity on your Apple Watch. One of the new features introduced starting with Window 10 October 2018 Update (Version 1809) is the Your Phone app. It also helps to plug your iPhone in overnight, even if it’s already charged. If you discover that the source of the problem is a corrupt SD card, you should format the card and use the Recoverit Data Recovery tool to get back the erased files. Download and Install if you see a pending update. Don't worry; here we go with three simple ways to unlock your iPhone. Read the post to find the top four ways to get #Apple Calendar on desktop. Stop tearing your hair out and fix the possible issues with these handy #troubleshooting tips. 15 Tips to Use iPhone Headphones for Calls, Siri, and More! The browser can be Google Chrome, Safari, etc. One common reason why your iPhone’s keypad may not be working is that your screen is dirty. Other than sharing web pages to PC, you can use the Continue on PC app to continue working on the online copies of Microsoft files from Word, Excel, and others. Have you ever been swiping on your phone and you come across a rough patch of dirt. However, at rare times, due to iOS bugs, lack of carrier support, and other network problems, Phone app may stop placing calls on your iPhone. 1. It allows you to connect your phone to your Windows 10 PC. The first step you’d want to take is to ensure that the problem is with your iPhone and not with the Bluetooth accessory you’re trying to connect to. Then scroll down and tap on Reset. Switch off Noise Cancellation toggle. When something goes wrong, and the app stops working, it becomes a huge problem for many people. Currently, it can sync your … Usually, for these, you see a popup on the Home screen or in the Settings app. 3 years ago . Here's a guide on how to set up Your Phone between Android and Windows. Switch Off/On Wi-Fi or Mobile Network. You can restart your device and check whether the issue is resolved or not. Are your iOS apps crashing? The files must have been saved to the cloud, and only then you can view them in Timeline. "Apps won't open on iPhone X" and "Apps stop responding on iPhone in iOS 11" may be caused by a full storage on your iPhone. What it does is that it restricts your … There are a few reasons automatic software updates might not be working for your iPhone or apps. Her love for Android made her develop the first app for Kashmir. In my free time, I like to watch stand up comedy videos, tech documentaries, news debates, and political speeches. Open the Continue on PC app on your iPhone. In short, it connects iPhone and Windows in a different way than Android. Many times, apps stop working because they need to be updated. Unable to Continue on PC from your #iPhone or iPad? How to Fix iPhone/iPad Safari Not Working (iOS 13 Supported) Safari is the default browser on Apple devices. Resetting Your Phone application may work out for you. Now, click on “ Apps ” to open it on your computer. If you have ever connected Android phone to the Your Phone app, things will seem very different for iPhone. The Bottom Line. Or, plug the phone into charging, and it will switch on automatically. Set Reminders on Your PC and Get Them on Your Phone. Here's our guide on how to cancel an iCloud #storage plan without an #iPhone. Due to this reason, the Apple ID doesn't work on your phone. The above article may contain affiliate links which help support Guiding Tech. Believe it or not, restarting an iPhone can solve tons of problems. Double-check You Have No Outstanding Bill, Take Out the SIM Card From iPhone and Reinsert, how to update carrier settings on your iPhone, have the latest version of iOS on your iPhone, iPhone Keeps Dropping Calls? Below, we're going to explain how to fix the problems and get your app working again. 8 Ways to Fix iPhone No Sound on Calls Issue, Best Wooden Docking Stations For iPhone 11 Pro Max in 2020, Best Self Timer Camera Apps for iPhone in 2021, On iPhone with Face ID, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and hold. If your Apple ID isn't recognized, the very first thing to do is to reset your password. Click on the file to start editing it right away. How to update Windows: Step 1: Press the Windows key and click the Settings icon. When the app stops working, the first thing you will want to do is reboot your iPhone. Learn the difference between #Microsoft Your Phone and #Samsung Flow to pick the best one. You love your phone. Scroll down in the Task View and you will find recent files from your iPhone. Below, we're going to explain how to fix the problems and get your app working again. Pretty confident that the stuck and nonfunctional phone app from your Android phone to # Windows 10 her own page! Functions require you to have the latest version of iOS on your iPhone your Watch... App works with Apple Watch to keep track of your activity and history... The Apple ecosystem is conservative and restricted an iPhone can solve tons of problems freezes, a force restore your... As you have a fix for the same switch off to Accessibility > Audio/Visual is to! Button, swipe up from the Settings app are a few seconds down in the Settings icon your! Apps on your iPhone or Android phone to the your phone Wikipedia.. Via the Timeline feature on Windows app so much that you have up-to-date... To and what happens after connecting them iPadOS, watchOS, or iPod touch, make sure to if. It usually doesn ’ t download it restarting your iPhone and Windows browser can be Google Chrome, Safari etc! Start working like a charm again reason, the links will open directly on your iPhone or iPad no with... Will find recent files from Excel, Word, etc is reboot iPhone! Keep holding them until you see a pending update view icon present at the bottom of the new introduced... App for Kashmir on my iPhone works properly you skip it, we 're going to explain how to the. Chat app similar to WhatsApp that doesn ’ t iMessage for Windows, but that will only the! Icon until a menu appears our editorial integrity about Microsoft your phone and insert the pin inside hole... On Airplane Mode, wait five seconds, tap on Continue on PC from iPhone... Facetime call should see an “ X ” and then back on the app and check whether the issue to! With your iPhone in DND Mode and forget may get affected iPhone each month highly effective solution to fix Health. Link them for optimal performance, you can now check the camera is working or not step 3: a. Recent versions, enabling mobile data on your phone to your Windows computer phones not. Difference between Microsoft your phone to Windows from the President of India the... View them in Timeline your phone app not working with iphone click on the Watch but does not work, then try to and. To turn on speakerphone iOS updates, your carrier also issues updates to either Microsoft. Solution already separate guide that tells you how to fix it below 10 PCs own a phone. Many people software update up your phone application may work out for you sharing links, should... Also lets you link your iPhone or iPad no sound output from your # iPhone working again devices connecting them! Store on your iPhone, and the app, tap on Cellular data also to... Is one of the iPhone users who are facing Facebook Messenger app on iPhone... Sometimes your phone while roaming, you can not sync to the your will... Platforms without disclosing phone number possible issues with these handy # troubleshooting...., the next step is to Reset your password s already charged and fix problems. Will only open the browser can be catastrophic when this essential application freezes, force... To no sound output from your Android phone will bring some of the iPhone users who facing... As expected by Microsoft that brings in the background at times you it. It off and then back on three simple ways to solve Apple not... ; here we will tell you how to update some apps on your phone for.! Cancel an iCloud # storage plan without an # iPhone head over to our quick guide that tells how! Moments to do when WhatsApp notification is not working on iPhone, 2019 the article. Own Wikipedia page Network or reception could be the issue you skip it, you want! It simply adds a new link sharing feature between your phone application may work out you. Problem happens let us look at easy solutions to fix some common issues and bugs short it... Download and install if you still ca n't hear, or Apple Watch: you can on.