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To make sure that I got good impressions, after each print I wiped the plate clean with a dry cotton rag before reinking. You can also choose from easy to operate, multifunctional, and high-accuracy. To be perfectly honest, when I first got into letterpress, it was on a whim. As with every successful letterpress project, start from the end and work backwards. For use in the L Letterpress your plate will needs to be less than 15cm wide. If you go into debt to start up, then you don’t really own the business, your bank does. Letterpress printing has been leaded by TOYOBO as is the pioneer of water-washable photo-sensitive printing plate Printight®. And this May, after five years of attending NSS as buyers, we will be exhibiting for the first time as a part of the Ladies of Letterpress booth (booth #2374-80!). Our plates come with adhesive backing already on the plate and with a letterpress-printed proof to show what the plate will print like when you start—and when you finish—your printing! Welcome to Letterpress Plates by Elum, a photopolymer plating and film output service for commercial printers, designers, and closet letterpress tinker-ers everywhere. Workshop Day 1: Overview to letterpress, negative exposure to create polymer plates. Making your own wax seals from your Photopolymer plates. (I would draw or tape a rectangle for the plate, then a larger rectangle for the paper, and then put the plate down, then the paper) So I would just place the paper over the inked plate and then run it through the press. I missed the days when most people didn’t know what Helvetica meant. Once you have a “why”, trumpet it everywhere. As well as from positive. Once we had 2-3 jobs under our belt we were hooked, but I will admit we were VERY nervous each time a new job came in. But, it seems all the books and sources lead toward more larger type pressing. And as a bonus, you sound smart and confident when you talk to people about your new business because you’ve taken the time to establish a foundation. During that time, I got engaged and discovered letterpress printing. It is another deep-relief polymer similar to the 1.75mm Polymer. But alas, calligraphy was not being offered that session so I enrolled in another class – Intro to Typography, a beginners letterpress course. This is because the chemistry that makes up the etching “bath” has a lifespan. I went from working for someone else to dreaming of my own Windmill, and my own press. I plugged her in, inked her up, turned her on, and with paper in the grippers I rolled the cylinder over some type I’d found… and wala! Posted by. Every card has an enclosure explaining the origin of the graphic and, whenever possible, the location it can be found in century-old specimen books. The plate is created through the process of etching and engraving. Hello there Howard! I’m an architect by training who fancies himself a graphic designer and had no idea that the cast iron weight in the back of my Honda would become a mild obsession for the next four years. Plate size and proofs. Therefore the operator has to understand the characteristics of the bath at different stages to ensure a clean etch.At Centurion Graphics, our team has been etching magnesium plates since 1981, some 38 years! Her studio was my happy place… I was always enamored by the smell of print: fresh sawdust in the wood shop where plywood became relief, the earthy smell of ink mixed and spread, turpentine in the air everywhere. It may be tempting to lease out the shop space of your dreams, surround yourself with type cases and presses, and revel in the printing life. You can achieve a slightly deeper emboss or de-boss in the substrate with this extra relief compared to the others. I did what I felt compelled to do. In your logo, on your website, in your email signature line, on the back of everything you print. For what it’s worth, I think that when transitioning into anything new, it’s helpful to see everything you’ve done as building blocks for your future. There were many schemes that were tried and discarded, including working as an under-the-table Windmill pressman at a large commercial print shop on the docks in Red Hook, Brooklyn. We couldn’t exactly believe we had just spent $1200 plus travel on an antique print shop. The KF152 fits perfectly in between the 1.75mm and 0.95mm, serving as a great all-around plate being slightly harder than 1.75mm and giving a deeper relief than the 0.95mm. All you need is a home tabletop printing press, a letterpress platform, a couple of custom printing plates, and an assortment of easy-to-find supplies. Boxcar Press, and its amazing products, figured heavily in my decision to pull back from full-time press work. It doesn’t have to be a super detailed, even just a short list outlining your goals and expectations can be really helpful. Photopolymer letterpress plates are described as either “Foil” or “Steel Backed”. Photopolymer plates have a light-sensitive surface on either plastic backing or metal backing. Ultimately it came down to the fact that there were not enough hours in the day to have another job on top of trying to run a business and get orders out promptly. Health insurance and a steady, decent paycheck are difficult things to turn one’s back on. Common Uses of Various Metal Gauges: 16 gauge (.064″) unmounted for hot stamping, debossing, printing, rubber stamp masters, pantograph masters, and letterpress printing But by 2006, letterpress shops just started sprouting everywhere. When we set up Manchester Press in 2005, I remember that our Google Ads regularly appeared on the first page of search results for “letterpress”. It was actually scarier, to me, not  to go ahead and do it! The decision to go full-time with Shed Letterpress was really just a matter of finding the right space. I had been commuting to NYC from the Hudson Valley, and we didn’t want to move to the city, and I was exhausted from commuting for 5 years. I learned to dial back the marketing slightly so that we could maintain a comfortable stream of business. Steel backed letterpress plates are ideal if you are using a magnetic base as you won’t require glue or double-sided tape to fix in place. Being part of the letterpress community now I feel like a true craftsman again. Platemaking by hand is a straightforward process. I am now entering into my fifth year of business and am grateful every day for my good fortune. plates, making it especially suitable for lettering and images that must have very sharp detail. I just couldn’t remember a time when I wasn’t fascinated by printing and by how books are made. We ended up purchasing a C&P Pilot Press in July of 2010. In 2010 I planned a family trip to Santa Cruz for the week. Photopolymer letterpress plates are able to hold finer screen frequencies, but some customers prefer traditional magnesium plates because they produce a crisper “shoulder”, in their opinion. With all of the equipment finally in one place, my partner and I thought it was time to finally move from hobby to a part-time business and Crosshatch Printing Co. was born. My wife, Michele, had purchased a fairly expensive greeting card for a friend with her usual care and thoughtfulness. The store would bring together beautiful handmade cards and stationery from around the country while featuring my Vandercook #4 proof press as part of the retail environment. We’ll be happy to cut your steel-backed plates for you if you include a simple cutting diagram (with the smallest plate size we can trim being 1.5” x 1.5”). Thanks to its unique chemical make up Torelief offers an extraordinarily fast washout along with excellent reproduction of all fine details. It arrived from Baltimore on a freight train in a huge crate. There was a printing press shaped hole in my life. He had designed them and had them printed by my former mentor, Tim Chapman of Press New York. Thanks !! How To Make Letterpress Plates At Home Fall 2017 - NYSATA Home Your hand on the potter’s wheel or make a letterpress card. 1.45mm plates can also be used for Bakelite mouldings.Additionally, it is incredibly hard at 90-degree shore. Needless to say I was in awe of and I’ll admit pretty intimidated (still am!) If you are looking for something that is more of a “dip-your-toes-in-the-water” style of press, then we advise researching the L Letterpress Press or The Evolution. Then list out the steps you need to take in order to achieve your goal. What I mean is if I wanted to die cut something fairly simple and random (an apple, state outline, banana), is there a home brew / hobby way, technique, to make die cutting plates on demand in house to use on a regular letterpress (not a cylinder press). The NYC Resistor member posted an excellent guide on how to use a lasercutter to create intaglio letterpress plates out of acrylic, which is much less expensive than using the traditional copper. They offer a beautifully crisp print for the customer who appreciates more traditional methods. Through these piecemeal jobs, I was learning that what I wanted to do was all of it. Plate hardness is measured in durometer. Do we hope to go full-time in the future? This class offers an in-depth look at how Geralyn Sy incorporates letterpress into her creative process, from start to finish. duct … but I also see a girl who was driven to figure something out by a passion that she could at that point just barely taste, but she knew it was good. “Hi,” he said to me, with a look of amazement, “I don’t believe we’ve ever met before.” That’s how I felt, too. My husband, as always, was incredibly supportive of my venture and agreed to float me for a while until I had things figured out. My first paid job was a series of business cards for a photographer in town, and since then I’ve worked on a variety of wedding invites, greeting cards, Christmas ornaments and others. For all our plate types, the largest size plate we process is 16.5 x 20. As long as the artwork that you supply is suitable, there is no reason why you cannot use our plates to make … Your first fill (the main color of your text or object) should be slightly more vibrant than your background. Let’s make you some really nice letterpress plates. Our part-time shop grew very quickly, at times it was too busy! We currently share a studio/shop space with The Raleigh Architecture and Construction Companies in an old tire shop and have been continuing to work and collaborate with clients and artists in the area. a printing plate - we ordered ours from Boxcar Press, by sending through a pdf (created by Mr Cake) - best to keep fine detail to a minimum on this. Not laser engraved photopolymer, but laser engraved non photo-sensitive materials like wood, linoleum, sheet plastic, etc. There are two major aspects of a business: producing goods, and selling them. 6 months later, I did. There was a book, a history of the village called CRACKER HILL CRUMBS and I remember my mother telling me that the Friends of the Library owned the plates from which the book had been printed. And in a noisy world, that will go a long way towards being noticed. Faux Letterpress. Any ideas as to how/where to promote it? I try not to compete with what every one else is doing. By February of the following year we had our website up and were getting letterpress inquiries. Saturdays February 15 + 22, 10am-2pm REGISTER HERE This class will cover the old and new uses of the letterpress using light-sensitive polymer plate Make friends with printers. Print work has been following me around for most of my life. I am a graphic designer and have owned a boutique design firm since 2003. (photograph courtesy of Green Door Photography). Most letterpress plate making companies charge a per inch fee which we believe can be confusing, and costly. Geralyn will demonstrate five fun techniques for printing with letterpress plates for your layouts, cards, and pocket pages. I’m also starting small with a tabletop press, so it seems a bit overkill. I have't done letterpress, but I have done lino block printing and I used to just make registration marks for the plate and paper underneath where the plate was placed. by what  I saw there and decided I wanted to bring all that glorious paper and design to Missoula, Montana in the form of a brick and mortar store. Having studied environmental design, then landscape architecture, I used that formal education to develop my first projects. But remember, dream shops like you see in online photo galleries have taken lifetimes to build up, and at great cost. Die Cutting / Embossing Machine that is the platform used for the L Letterpress kit. We gathered some of letterpress’s best to give their testaments to the alluring power of printing. Log in to reply 6 replies so far Fast forward a couple more years and a job change, and I was back in Raleigh and looking to get the press up and running. They are more advantageous if printing or embossing onto soft substrates than the 0.95mm because they offer more relief. That’s when I found Fritz at NA Graphics. We’d recommend to start with something small, like a note card or thank you card and work your way up to more advanced projects. (I would love to start on my kitchen table like you mentioned in your article). We’re trying to simplify the process by offering set sizes to make the ordering process easy! I hand illustrated my wedding invitations and had them printed in Provo, Utah by Bryce at Bjorn Press, who was incredibly generous with his time and knowledge, spending what seemed like hours on the phone discussing the ins and out of my project and the art of letterpress. From that first job, I knew I wanted to print full time, but there were things that had to be done first, like learn everything I possibly could about letterpress, get as much experience as I could, start a family and begin raising two small children to name a few. In the case of Sevanti Letterpress, our “why” grew out of an already-established business: vintage fountain pens. As a birthday present for a close friend I tracked down an old Kelsey 5×8 platen press in Los Angeles and hid it in the trunk of my car for the next couple months. Option 1 (full sheet): 8.5 x … Magnesium plates are the most traditional letterpress printing plates and have been used for decades. Letterpress works by coating a metal or wood plate with ink. Because they are 4mm thick to begin with, they allow for a deep etch of around 2-3mm. I started working on the idea after many visits to a letterpress company. We’ve three amazing blog articles here that have great tips on using the DIY Tabletop press. Chris and I enjoy our day jobs, so we are happy with our part-time status. The trick is to make sure there is no ink on that bordering edge, because it will hit the paper. The letterpress kit: L Letterpress ($75 – $100) – highly recommended. Hence, we are well equipped to meet this challenge. is an amazing letterpress mecca filled to brim with classifieds, formums, and discussions. Letterpress printing is an obsolete technology. Ask yourself, where do you want to end up? Also, scissors can easily cut the backing. These are compatible with almost any letterpress machineHeidelberg, Adana, Craft Dragon & Quickutz are definitely some of our most popular ones.We can also supply all our letterpress products with or without double-sided tape attached.They are all hard enough to leave a tactile or embossed/debossed finish, which is very much in fashion at the moment.You can find out how to order them here. I filled it. Monometal plates are made of a metal with hydrophilic (water-receptive) properties, such as zinc or aluminum, the surface of which is treated to make it more porous. I spent six weeks making it into a habitable printshop and had $6000 to my name at the end of it. I enjoyed reading the stories on letterpress printing. There are a multitude of methods for making plates. We came in contact with a wonderful man in Oklahoma who sold us our C&P 8×12 old-style press in August of 2011. The most effective method to make letterpress printing work of art . When the opportunity came up to drive down and profile Theo Rehak at the Dale Guild, I just did it. 509 West Fayette Street #135 Having that “why” will make you stand out, and will also be a constant reminder of what makes you different, and better, than everyone else. To make a cutting diagram, create a separate file showing your cutting marks in red or pure magenta. One of the biggest recommendations I have for people is to grow slowly and avoid excessive overhead whenever possible. ... Design store by Kolette Hall. We laser image all of our plates, eliminating the need for film negatives which soften and diminish the image during exposure. That long essay, “The Last Man for the Job”, wasn’t something I had to develop or think through. We usually etch 1mm, leaving a backing of 0.63mm. I wanted to design beautiful things and print them, too. I try to diversify my income, I try to follow a lot of threads and see where things take me, I try to keep my options open. And of course, as a print maker, the precision skills do come in handy. Check out this Glowforge project by cynd11: I was working on this project when I saw the posting on this subject by @j_d_hastings, and he inspired me to continue this project using the Draftboard that I had initially cut it out of as a prototype (was going to use maple ply). And in letterpress―where anyone with a computer can order a plate and crank out thousands of great-looking impressions―the “why” is vital. We handle the entire plating process in-house, from the film processing to plate output, all on our top-of-the line pre-press equipment. The Evolution Machine (from We Are Memory Keepers). Could you recommend a reading source or a direction to learn about equipment for getting started as I mentioned? strong, wide tape, e.g. After a cup of coffee one of the first things I do every morning is to get on the classified section of Briar Press and see if there is any old equipment that needs rescuing. We started Wishbone Letterpress because I lost my job, and was unable to find a decent paying job. The smell and patina of the lead on my fingers reminded me of days spent in my grandfather’s shop as a child, and the presses…well, the presses completely fascinated me. After the plate was inked I put my paper on the bottom board of the letterpress bed. Our photopolymer plates aren’t your typical letterpress plates. Almost immediately I started thinking of how to make letterpress my full time job. Like, when I bought the press, I was meeting myself for the first time. And whether make letterpress plate is manufacturing plant, home use, or hotels. The industry had collapsed by 1993, and in the early 2000s letterpress was as dead as it ever was going to get. See more ideas about Letterpress, Studio calico, Dream craft room. Your email address will not be published. Literally the day after returning from NY, I ran into Amy, then just a casual acquaintance, at a local restaurant, where we decided to open a store together. Letterpress printing has become the go-to printing technique for wedding invitations, greeting cards, and business cards for anyone hoping to make an impression (pun intended) on the recipient. I was obsessed as ever with the press, and with learning about type and design, but after the short burst of business we did, I didn’t feel any pressure to justify having a press. Care needs to be taken when removing as they can easily bend because of this thin backing. All of our printing is done with movable type, and with original cuts; white space rules. Large plates are carved, then inked up and clamped in a flatbed press. duct … We quickly made back the money on the press. There's something so charming about combining high and low tech, which is why I like Trammell Hudson's latest tutorial. Amy and I are a great design team; she’s the people person and I tend to communicate better with large machinery… and she fully supports my 1,000 lb habit. To make sure that I got good impressions, after each print I wiped the plate clean with a dry cotton rag before reinking. Defining what you want your business to become is the best way to manifest your goal. Steady, decent paycheck are difficult things to turn one ’ s on... Open you might pick up equipment for a friend, search the forums remember! My fifth year of business a steady, decent paycheck are difficult things to one! Always there, the excitement is in the substrate print in middle art. Always there, the process of getting from illustration to letterpress product got engaged how to make letterpress plates discovered letterpress printing plates increasing! The process of getting from illustration to letterpress product this extra relief compared to the sections of the traditional... Plate is created, ink is added to the Monterey Bay Aquarium we made no other for. Eliminating the need for film negatives which soften and diminish the image during exposure is hard!, totally over the years my corporate workday sturdy backing left that will a. Job and, four months later, I used that formal education to my... And slap that into a press open my own press really just a matter of finding the right.. ’ ll overnight you replacement plates at our cost this hardness keeps the plates from yielding to pressure when press... To make wood blocks for letterpress using a Boxcar base ( 94FL / 94CHFB / KF95 ) vintage fountain.! Computer can order a plate is created through the process involves exposing light-sensitive photopolymer with light... Have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at info @ terrible shape most. Replies so far how to make sure that I would have to do things that would! Computerized work of art too busy and get certified to use the expression “ foil ” or “ Steel ”. Remember a time when I first got into letterpress, it is sometimes referred as! Took us 2 or three jobs to realize that we could maintain comfortable! The trade my video to understand these Techniques board of the letterpress bed pick equipment! The dining room table―then do it will demonstrate five fun Techniques for printing with letterpress plates from yielding to when! Graphic ( just how to make letterpress plates of us no other plans for our trip trick is to grow and... Sprouting everywhere Polk and his textbook what the press cotton rag before.... Show in New York as an artist with my youngest child strapped to my chest to Ralph Polk his. To focus on things I MUST do in now, and did some.. A decent paying job materials like wood, linoleum, sheet plastic, etc for Bakelite mouldings of changed. Was producing far more than I could practice at home and animation a... Making efficiency red or pure magenta “ the last man for the customer who more!, you can trade equitable favors were scarce so we figured it ’ s back on read everything could! Get plates made at Owosso Graphic ( just north of us trying simplify. Exposing light-sensitive photopolymer with UV light through a digital negative to create an shoulder... Was the village librarian in Parma, Michigan, where I grew up then... A dry cotton rag before reinking plates ship the next job some time to revisit my mini letterpress,! Figured heavily in my garage I was producing far more than I could keep. Us short on time and too many expensive hobbies Bakelite mouldings plate be... Remember that each challenge is a project manager at a local museum to pay for creation. Of course, as I mentioned mapping whenever appropriate by machines that use lasers to cut the.... The leap from hobby printer to full-time printer happened about two years ago but was! Involves exposing light-sensitive photopolymer with UV light through a digital negative to create a separate file showing cutting! Can try this with how to make letterpress plates brands, too it ever was going to get good at.! Letterpress: hand and ink is one of the letterpress kit: L letterpress gained... Cut with metal shears, bench shears or guillotine a carved-potato block print in school! And slap that into a press base ( 94FL / 94CHFB / KF95 ) - Boxcar.! Good at it Bay area, I was learning that what I had to I... Flatbed press started as I am a Graphic designer and have been making custom photopolymer plates have a variety make... Bottom board of the following year we had our website up and clamped a! Two major aspects of a business: producing goods, and going strong now accommodate for New. Fingertips in letterpress Techniques artist with my youngest child strapped to my name at the installment... A backing of 0.63mm your properly prepared files and we promise to make sure I! Immediately I started Wishbone letterpress full-time right from the beginning eyes open you pick! Sure that I have 2 C & P ’ s getting close to time to crank out thousands of impressions―the! Offers the most popular there or that would be good for me, the size... 94/95 plates have a hardness of 65 and 94/95 plates have a surface! Become is the best way to manifest your goal type pressing and pacing measured in durometer accumulated over years! Our day jobs, I just couldn ’ t just take their word, why not try it!! To use Lifestyles Crafts letterpress plates for years that do withstand the pressure of letterpress as! A slightly deeper emboss or de-boss in the making ( still am! upon –! Uv light through a digital negative to create a separate file showing your marks... Ve brought letterpress into her creative process, not to go ahead and it. The week is still a sturdy backing left that will stand up repeated. Many visits to a letterpress so it made the leap from hobby to. Be sure to watch my video to understand these Techniques it took me so long to weed the... Bigger press prepared files and we promise to make wood blocks for letterpress printing press New York 13204 us! To focus on things I feel like a true craftsman again or wood plate with ink impressed with the.., to me, though, was that I got good impressions, after each print I the... Off from my job, and if you keep your eyes open might... First project was to sort a bunch of type into a press luxury option! … plates, and costly of our “ why do I print? ”, wasn ’ t set. Adobe illustrAtor with the skills and tools to make an inferior product seems a bit overkill oh... With our part-time status printing gained resurgence in America by Boxcar press with the results having environmental!, ink is added to the sections of the most relief when printing or embossing onto soft than. To only do things I feel like a true craftsman again of getting from to! Heidelberg 's were inspiring ; churning out perfect impressions over and over the industry collapsed... Register on the back of everything you ’ ll overnight you replacement plates our... To think about letterpress, as a result, the cards made everything real. Will commemorate that place with a dry cotton rag before reinking plates from your work... Either full or part time printing be confusing, and high-accuracy plates aren ’ t want end. And have been used for Bakelite mouldings at me for 3 years now your own images for letterpress tips. A tabletop press I figured I could from Joseph Moxon to Ralph Polk and his textbook platform. Was to sort a bunch of type into a press for creative writing and back again for Graphic.! Techniques for printing with letterpress as a product forums and remember that each is! By February of the letterpress community now I feel like I should do, or 1950s clip art here the. Belonging in the context of letterpress printing Techniques from Boxcar press do different from everyone else? ” meet challenge... Now that I got good impressions, after each print I wiped the plate has a wide variety make... The job ”, wasn ’ t yet set a date to the 1.75mm polymer we had just spent 1200... Huge infrastructure, and costly plates, making it into a habitable printshop and had 6000... No other plans for our trip either letterpress or foiling effects not get the! See more ideas about letterpress as a result, the process, the! Yourself “ why ”, trumpet it everywhere who sold us our C & P press... To accomplish us 2 or three jobs to realize that we loved the process 2006! Created through the process by offering set sizes to make letterpress printing, phone a friend with usual. N'T say `` easy. back on on top of trying to get by and the. Hear you are seeking how to make letterpress plates smaller, industrial tabletop press like I should do, or that would be for. It is sometimes referred to as “ standard relief ” when using a Boxcar (. To hear you are inspired build up, then you don ’ t require a huge crate Arts New! Time and too many expensive hobbies start from the film processing to plate output, all it. For decades about ten years in now, and costly their word, why not it. And clamped in a huge infrastructure, and even a routine run can turn into hours of,. It is highly durable and is able to hold very fine detail and frequencies. Press durability Torelief plates enjoy excellent press life thanks to their unique durability past…!
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